How to Submit Your Team Roster

Step #1: Login to your account

Step #2: Select your team

Clicking on an “Open Dashboard” link will open the team admin dashboard where you will be able to submit game reports, build your roster and submit stats.

Step #3: Open roster tab

The default tab when you open a team admin page is the “Team Schedule.” Click the “Roster” link.

Step #4: Add Players

You can create new players by clicking the light blue “Add Player” button at the bottom.

Note: All information auto saves as you fill it out. There is no button to submit your roster since it is updated as you go.

Note: The roster you enter here does NOT have to be in any specific order. When we display the data on websites we’ll do the sorting for you.

Note: If your roster changes mid-season (call-ups from JV, ineligible players, etc.) you can make the changes following the same process.