How to Submit Scores

Step #1: Login to your account

Step #2: Select your team

Step #3: Open game report form

The “Submit Game Report” links in the screenshot below will become visible at the contest’s official start time. Clicking on them will open a popup window with a form to submit your report.

You can view past reports by clicking the “View Game Reports” link. These buttons will also appear in your team’s dashboard when an opposing coach submits their game report so you can verify the information they submitted was correct.

Step #4: Submit game report

The only required information for your official game report is the score for each team. However, we do encourage you to fill out the “Quick Hits” section to give your players extra recognition.

Optionally, you can also submit a player for the WNY Athletics Athlete of the Week.

Step #5: Email Scoresheet

  • Scoresheets can be printed from your coaches dashboard or public team page (you will need to select “landscape” mode).
  • WNY Athletics will auto-fill the roster for both teams with the information entered into your coaches dashboard.
  • The scorekeeper should record each goal, making certain to record the type, half and time remaining on the clock.
  • When the game ends, a coach from each team should visit with the scorekeeper to report their team’s offensive shot count and goalie stats.
  • Each coach should initial next to their team name at the top. This will verify that both accept the statistics and result reported as accurate.
  • Take a photo of the scoresheet and email to
  • WNY Athletics will enter the information into the website and create a digital scoresheet that will serve as the official record.
  • When the digital scoresheet is published it will record the statistics for your team.

Where can I print scoresheets?

Teams have two options – they can download a blank scoresheet or use a pre-filled scoresheet.

Both options will be accepted – teams can print blank copies now and use them for the entire year.

Use a Blank Scoresheet

Please be sure to record the date & time if using a blank scoresheet for your games.

Use a Pre-filled Scoresheet

Pre-filled scoresheets can be accessed in your team dashboards. Links will also be available on every public schedule page.

The roster areas, date, time & location will be auto-filled.

The web version will include the goal and assist columns in the roster areas. These will disappear when printing to make sure player names can fit.

Pre-filled scoresheets will be made available once all teams have submitted their rosters.