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New in 2019: Digital Scoresheets

Where can I print scoresheets?​

Teams have two options – they can download a blank scoresheet or use a pre-filled scoresheet.

Both options will be accepted – teams can print blank copies now and use them for the entire year.

Option #1: Use a Blank Scoresheet

Please be sure to record the date & time if using a blank scoresheet for your games.

Option #2: Use a Pre-filled Scoresheet

Pre-filled scoresheets can be accessed in your team dashboards. Links will also be available on every public schedule page.

The roster areas, date, time & location will be auto-filled.

The web version will include the goal and assist columns in the roster areas. These will disappear when printing to make sure player names can fit.

Pre-filled scoresheets will be made available once all teams have submitted their rosters.